Handmade Outdoor Cat Enclosures

The majority of pet owners know the danger cats face if they go outdoors. From large dogs and dingoes, to cars and poison, there’s a world of threats felines face when they’re outside the confines of their homes.

Most pet owners truly understand that felines yearn to feel the sun on their faces, grass under their paws and the joy of trying to pounce on a jumping grasshopper. Finding a safe way for your fuzzy little friend to enjoy the great outdoors is one of the best gifts you can give to your cat. Here are some practical and easy-to-make outdoor cat enclosures:

Window box

Some pet owners may not have large yards to give their pet outdoor cat enclosures. That’s why something as basic as a window box might be just the solution. This type of enclosure may also work out perfectly for apartment-dwellers. Something as simple as a window box or a mini Catmax Caboodle on the outside of the house can give your feline friend a place to smell fresh air, watch birds and bask in the sun.

A window box may consist of a simple wooden structure constructed with 2x4s to the width of your window and covered in poultry wiring. The back of it, which will be against the house to prevent the cat from escaping, should not be covered in wiring but will remain open. This will provide the cat an easy access to his perch and you quick access to the box for cleaning and maintaining. You may make the box sturdier by using a wooden beam going to the ground beneath it. Secure the window box against the house by using L brackets. To give cats access, one can install a pet door in the window leading to the cat enclosures. Brisbane pet owners usually construct their outdoor enclosures before bringing a new pet home.


Kennels are not just for canines. An easy way to provide your cat with a more spacious outdoor enclosure is to build an outdoor box, similar to a window box. For a 10×10 enclosure, make use of 2x4s to build the box-like structure and wrap it in poultry wiring with the exception of the back of the box which will be linked to the house. Unlike dogs, cats are skilled escape artists. With a cat enclosure, you should also cover the top of the enclosure with poultry wiring to prevent escape. When building your kennel, you’ll want to install a simple doorway in the front so that you’ll have access to the kennel for cleaning, maintenance or just spending some valuable time with your pet.

You may attach the box to your house with L brackets, choosing an appropriate area with an open window for quick access. Be sure to provide your cat access to his play area by installing a pet door in the window. Adding perches, limbs and shelves gives him places to climb, play and exercise. Beds and baskets, on the other hand, can give him safe places to sleep.

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